7 Best Tips and Tricks to Crack AFCAT exam

How to crack the AFCAT exam, it was the most common question on your mind when you have first appeared for the AFCAT exam. Don’t worry, here we give you some amazing Tips and Tricks to Crack AFCAT exam successfully.

7 Best Tips and Tricks to Crack AFCAT exam

Top tips and tricks to crack AFCAT exam:

Scoring better marks in AFCAT is not difficult. You can definitely achieve it with proper planning. Here are 7 best tips and tricks to crack AFCAT exam.

Analyse the pattern of the exam:

AFCAT exam is not as hard as you think. Before starting the preparation directly first check the latest syllabus and exam pattern of the AFCAT exam. You can easily crack the exam if you have a clear idea on the exam syllabus, pattern. Freshers who are going to appear for the exam check all solved previous years question papers try to solve and analyze them, you will understand how the exam pattern was given and which topics were mostly covered in AFCAT exam and which was less.

Make a proper Schedule for preparation:

It is a very important stage for every exam. If proper planning for the exam is not prepared then it is your biggest mistake. It is necessary to know the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam. Figure out how much time you have to prepare for the examination. Divide the syllabus into parts or sections, complete it based on Daily or weekly basis by doing this you will know how the progress was going on and what topics are covered what you need to be covered. Prepare a proper schedule and stick on it throughout the preparation.

Practice previous question papers:

Practising previous year question papers is one of the key element for the AFCAT exam. It helps you to analyse the exam pattern. You will know what type of questions are most asked in previous years.

Smart Study:

Hard work is great but smart work is exceptional. To succeed in AFCAT examination covering all topics is not only the way, cover topics that were asked in the examination. Check the syllabus and practise previous year question papers and figure out which topics are most important and which are less important. After understanding about the exam pattern and topics, try to identify which sections are your week and strong sections. Experiment different study timings figure out which time is the best suitable for you, practice important topics and your weaker sections at that time.

Revision thoroughly:

It is a difficult thing to remember all the topics you learn. Revising what we are studied on the last few days will play a major role in your preparation. Instead of studying all syllabus at a time and start revision, divide the syllabus into topics and complete one topic per week and revise that topic then only move to another topic by doing this you will remember more topics.

Time management:

Time management plays an important role in AFCAT. Duration of AFCAT exam is 2 hours, you have to solve the question paper as fast as possible. So, instead of going from 1 to 100 questions in a row try to solve your strongest sections first and then solve the other sections. Try to make a time frame for a particular section and try to solve them at that time. Practice online test series daily, by practising them you will experience the exam more and you will learn time management.

Be aware of negative marking:

The most important part is the negative marking. AFCAT Exam consists of 100 questions, 3 marks for each right answer and one negative mark for the wrong answer. So, negative marking has more effect than you think, don’t attempt the questions which you feel that you are doubt about the answer. It has a lot of impact on overall scoring if we are trying to attempt more doubted questions. If you are 50 percent sure on any given option then it’s worth to take the risk by attempting the question otherwise it’s better to skip the question.

These are the best Top tips and tricks to crack AFCAT exam, if like this article feels free to share this with your friends and if you have any doubts comment below.

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